second day, better day !

Today, things started to make sense.

First, I got enrolled into my new classes. Results: 9 hours in total, no class on mondays and tuesdays ! (oh and 1h on wednesdays !)

I actually got the ones I wanted the most and convinced the psychology teacher that I was the best student he’ll ever have (he then let me take the advanced psychology class instead of the intro one).

I met international people too ! We planned to travel a lot together, every weekend starting october 24th-25th (my birthday, yayyy).

Oh. And I bought a Railcard. I’m 27 pounds poorer now. But it gives you amazing deals on all train fares so I think it’s going to be worth it.

Tonight, there was a formal party. I wore heels. My feet are now killing me.

All right, going to sleep now !

Love from England !




First day, rough day !

So it is Sunday Morning. I finally got some sleep but I feel like I still need some.

People here are nice, but I haven’t found a real «friend» so far.

My luggages aren’t unpacked yet, but I need to buy hangers first, and stuff such as toilet paper ( ah! ), hand soap, etc.

Still trying to figure out what do to, and where to go. The power bar is not working so I am going to need to find more adaptors soon !

There was a nice party last night, but I wasn’t really in the mood…

It’s a lot to take in at first but I think it will soon all be better 🙂

Love you all