Finally got a little bit of rest !

Yesterday was pretty quiet. Woke up at 11, ate a little, went in town to buy a couple of essential things that were still missing, took a nap, went out, went to sleep. zzz

Yesterday night was international fresher’s welcome activity. A couple of committees were there to show what they have to offer. There’s a committee called «Just Play» who offers recreational sports at a very low price (2 pounds per session). I might go swimming if I feel too fat. (ah!)

I met a couple more people from everywhere around the world. There’s so many chinese people though, they are everywhere.

I made 2 new friends, one from Italy and one from the US. They are going to show me how to cook 😀 (or cook for me sometimes, which is even better)

I FINALLY undid all of my luggages so my room is now clean. (really clean for me) Hope it will stay that way hehe

This is it for now !




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