Last day of freedom ! Tomorrow, school BEGINS.

Soo it’s about time. School is about to start.

Last 2 days were really quiet. I woke up at 10, made myself some breakfast and then just chilled in my living room, where I got to know my housemates better. They are actually really nice (all of them !). They all get along and they seem to like me so far ! They are all willing to show me how to cook and to do house-dinners where we all eat together so I think this is going to be really nice !

This afternoon, I went in town with my new friends/housemates and I bought so much food ! Since we were in car, I bought all that heavy stuff (rice, oil, yogourt) that are in pain to carry/take the bus with. I also bought a lot of vegetables. and CHEESE (cheese, i have missed you so much ! welcome back in my life ūüėÄ ) With all that new stuff, my housemate and I decided to actually cook something tonight. We did quesadillas with vegetables on the side. I was my first real good meal. And it is a lot more enjoyable to cook with someone. We decided we would keep doing it at least one time a week !

So far, so good ! Booked at trip to the lake district this saturday ! Oh, and made new friends. I will know the whole school by the end of the semester hehe.

Don’t forget that you can comment or like the posts ! I would be nice to know how people react ! Good night xx


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