Quiet days…

So the last few days have been pretty quiet. Saturday, I went on a daytrip to the lake District with the travel Society ! it was a 3 hours walk and the views were amazing. We shopped a little and walked, admiring the views. When I got home that night, I was so tired that I fell asleep almost immediatly.

Saturday, I bonded with my flatmates. We just chilled in our house, played pool and went to see your college play football (soccer). Then, we had a movie night and watch 3 movies in a row.

Monday, i baked brownies (Menoum Menoum) and did my laundry. I can not cook AND do laundry ! No disaster so far. I didn’t set the house on fire and the washing machine seem to like me. Since most of my clothes won’t go into the dryer, my room now looks like a mess. CLOTHES EVERYWHERE ! It is temporary, although we are tuesday and some clothes are still a little wet…hum.

Today, I did homework (finally hehe). and I went for a walk. Then i cooked pasta, with meat and onions, and put zucchinis in the oven.

Soon that’s it for now ! I have school tomorrow 🙂


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