More foood :D



Quiet days…

So the last few days have been pretty quiet. Saturday, I went on a daytrip to the lake District with the travel Society ! it was a 3 hours walk and the views were amazing. We shopped a little and walked, admiring the views. When I got home that night, I was so tired that I fell asleep almost immediatly.

Saturday, I bonded with my flatmates. We just chilled in our house, played pool and went to see your college play football (soccer). Then, we had a movie night and watch 3 movies in a row.

Monday, i baked brownies (Menoum Menoum) and did my laundry. I can not cook AND do laundry ! No disaster so far. I didn’t set the house on fire and the washing machine seem to like me. Since most of my clothes won’t go into the dryer, my room now looks like a mess. CLOTHES EVERYWHERE ! It is temporary, although we are tuesday and some clothes are still a little wet…hum.

Today, I did homework (finally hehe). and I went for a walk. Then i cooked pasta, with meat and onions, and put zucchinis in the oven.

Soon that’s it for now ! I have school tomorrow 🙂

Last day of freedom ! Tomorrow, school BEGINS.

Soo it’s about time. School is about to start.

Last 2 days were really quiet. I woke up at 10, made myself some breakfast and then just chilled in my living room, where I got to know my housemates better. They are actually really nice (all of them !). They all get along and they seem to like me so far ! They are all willing to show me how to cook and to do house-dinners where we all eat together so I think this is going to be really nice !

This afternoon, I went in town with my new friends/housemates and I bought so much food ! Since we were in car, I bought all that heavy stuff (rice, oil, yogourt) that are in pain to carry/take the bus with. I also bought a lot of vegetables. and CHEESE (cheese, i have missed you so much ! welcome back in my life 😀 ) With all that new stuff, my housemate and I decided to actually cook something tonight. We did quesadillas with vegetables on the side. I was my first real good meal. And it is a lot more enjoyable to cook with someone. We decided we would keep doing it at least one time a week !

So far, so good ! Booked at trip to the lake district this saturday ! Oh, and made new friends. I will know the whole school by the end of the semester hehe.

Don’t forget that you can comment or like the posts ! I would be nice to know how people react ! Good night xx

First rainy day !

image image image image image image image image image image image imageFinally a little rest !

It’s not raining yet, but it isn’t sunny either. I’m taking it easy today. I’m going to finish cleaning my room, calculate my spendings so far and find my classrooms for the next days. And i might go grocery shopping if I am brave enough to go outside.

Fresher’s week is finally over (thank god, i can sleep now), but I think this is not the end of the partys. Might be going out tonight too, because it’s one of my housemate’s birthday….

Yesterday, i went on a day trip to Blackpool Pleasure Beach. It was AWESOME. It’s a little like La ronde, but with 3 times as many rides. It is also really close to the ocean and the views are breathtaking.

The day before, I went to visit the town of Lancaster. I had been before, but only for shopping. I went back with 2 international students. We visited the castle and the town, bought school supplies and I got a pay as you go SIM card for my Iphone. (i’m paying 1 pound a week for texts, minutes and 100MB of internet…how cheap is that ?!)

Love you all ! Feel free to call me on Skype at any time ! 🙂

Finally got a little bit of rest !

Yesterday was pretty quiet. Woke up at 11, ate a little, went in town to buy a couple of essential things that were still missing, took a nap, went out, went to sleep. zzz

Yesterday night was international fresher’s welcome activity. A couple of committees were there to show what they have to offer. There’s a committee called «Just Play» who offers recreational sports at a very low price (2 pounds per session). I might go swimming if I feel too fat. (ah!)

I met a couple more people from everywhere around the world. There’s so many chinese people though, they are everywhere.

I made 2 new friends, one from Italy and one from the US. They are going to show me how to cook 😀 (or cook for me sometimes, which is even better)

I FINALLY undid all of my luggages so my room is now clean. (really clean for me) Hope it will stay that way hehe

This is it for now !



second day, better day !

Today, things started to make sense.

First, I got enrolled into my new classes. Results: 9 hours in total, no class on mondays and tuesdays ! (oh and 1h on wednesdays !)

I actually got the ones I wanted the most and convinced the psychology teacher that I was the best student he’ll ever have (he then let me take the advanced psychology class instead of the intro one).

I met international people too ! We planned to travel a lot together, every weekend starting october 24th-25th (my birthday, yayyy).

Oh. And I bought a Railcard. I’m 27 pounds poorer now. But it gives you amazing deals on all train fares so I think it’s going to be worth it.

Tonight, there was a formal party. I wore heels. My feet are now killing me.

All right, going to sleep now !

Love from England !



First day, rough day !

So it is Sunday Morning. I finally got some sleep but I feel like I still need some.

People here are nice, but I haven’t found a real «friend» so far.

My luggages aren’t unpacked yet, but I need to buy hangers first, and stuff such as toilet paper ( ah! ), hand soap, etc.

Still trying to figure out what do to, and where to go. The power bar is not working so I am going to need to find more adaptors soon !

There was a nice party last night, but I wasn’t really in the mood…

It’s a lot to take in at first but I think it will soon all be better 🙂

Love you all